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Using One Time on an old deck

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Subject: Using One Time on an old deck

We have a deck that is 20 years old and we have been powerwashing it every two years and then applying Thompsons and more recently Cabot Clear Finish. All of these products last two years max. We have never put a stain on or anything with color. I am very interested in the One Time Wood product since it is said to last 7 years. I have several questions:

• Will we need to sand or strip before applying One Time? We just completed power washing.

• The deck gets some sunlight but for the most part due to lots of trees it gets very little sun. Also a portion of the deck is covered and gets no direct sun. Since the sun is what cures One Time Wood, can we use it where there is little or no direct sun?

• Does the Natural One Time Wood provide protection for as long as the colors?

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Those are all common questions. We too, are frustrated at the performance at most of what is available at the big boxes and warehouses. One TIME is more of a protector than a stain, so the wood is protected for several years against moisture intrusion, and fungal attachment to the wood. What that means is that you will not have to ever strip or use bleaches and other harsh chemistry again. Unfortunately, because the failed products used are still present on some of the wood, it will need to be stripped. This can be achieved by chemical softening and removal, in combination with sanding in some cases.

Do I have to strip the old finish?

Power washing alone will remove some surface product, and some dead wood fiber, but we like to do it chemically. The more bare the wood, the more One TIME that can soak in and cure to protect your wood. Long answer to a short question- Yes…You must use a chemical stripper when an existing failed product has been previously applied to the wood.

Curing in Limited Light

As long as it is not a covered area more than 10 or 12 feet in, and it gets daylight, even indirect, it should eventually cure…it just may take a few days or longer. Just do a test. Put some One TIME Liquid Sample on a piece of wood, and place in the least lighted area and see how it cures.

Does the Natural One Time Wood provide protection for as long as the colors?

The Natural does not provide as much UV resistance as the other darker colors. You may need to refresh color a little more frequently with the Natural, and you can always step to a darker color later.

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