Saturday, September 19, 2009

Questions and Answers

We have received a lot of questions by phone and email this week about using One TIME Wood Protector on a surface that was previously coated with another stain or sealer. We want to emphasize again that One TIME works by soaking into the wood and curing by natural sunlight. One TIME should be applied only to new or properly stripped bare wood. Many times sanding alone is not adequate to remove most stains. Most failed oil stains can easily be removed using a chemical stripping solution. Acrylic or water-based stains are another matter.

Many clients have expressed difficulty in stripping the Behr Stain widely advertised and promoted by HD. The Behr and many other widely sold stains continually fail, yet are difficult to strip because of the acrylic resin in it. Most available strippers are not so effective on the Behr for a couple of reasons. First is the chemistry; While many oil stains and sealers are easily stripped with Sodium Hydroxide Based strippers, the acrylics do not respond to the majority of deck strippers. Secondly, the Behr typically requires frequent maintenance, which leads to a buildup of layers and thickness. So we see thick buildup peeling in many areas, yet stubbornly attached to many other areas, especially vertical or sheltered surfaces.

Some log home owners we talk to are resorting to abrasive blasting with corncobs, or crushed glass media to remove the Behr. Then the wood has to be further smoothed by sanding or brushing to remove the fuzzed wood fiber.

The problem is similar on decks with a difficult- to-remove stain. Sometimes wood still needs sanding after stripping if some stain remains, or if the wood became extremely fuzzed or damaged.

Failed wood stain is a very costly, inconvenient, and preventable expense that so many homeowners have had to bear. We hope to educate anyone who is preparing to stain a deck, log home, or other exterior wood surface, and assist in choosing the proper products. We have a variety of wood care articles featured at .

For non-shiny, long-lasting protection, our product of choice for most exterior wood care continues to be One TIME Wood Protector.

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