Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One TIME on Cedar and Redwood or Tropical Hardwoods

Here is a discussion on Ipe, Mahogany, Cumaru, etc. We like to see this type of wood weather 3-4 months before coating the top side of the wood.

We have also been getting a lot of questions about using One TIME Wood Protector on Cedar or Redwood. Some of the manufacturer’s technical literature alludes to allowing Cedar and Redwood to weather one year before coating with One TIME Wood Protector. There are a couple of exceptions to this statement. First, our biggest concern is with smooth sanded Redwood or Cedar decking. Redwood is extremely high in tannin content. This tannin gives the Redwood its dark color but can cause problems if extractive bleeding occurs, and it is trapped in by the One TIME. It is best to weather smooth Redwood a few months before staining or coating. There are some steps that can help speed the weathering effect in some cases, including chemical cleaning, and sanding. If we are dealing with rough-sawn lumber, it is generally ready to coat with One TIME when dry.


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